El Salvador Boa

We currently have a pair of El Salvador Boas (plus one that is lost in the house). This is our male, which is much more slender than the female. She is quite silvery, while he has a hint of pink in his flanks, although it is difficult to catch that pinkness in photographs

el salvador


This is our female Surinam, a wild caught import from Reinhold Maugg. We think that she is a 2013, by comparing her size with our 2014. She has lovely widow’s peaks and her colour is getting better and better.


Caulker Cay

Picture of two of my Caulker Cay Boas. The first is a 2009 originally bred by Vin Russo and imported via Houten. he had a few owners before landing up in my collection.

The second is a 2013 female from Legacy Reptiles, from the Gus Rentfo/Chris Mcquade bloodline.

caulker caulker1

I also have another 2013 Legacy male, sibling to the one pictured above, and a 2005 female, originally bred by Gus Rentfro.