Small constrictors

Whenever anyone who owns a boa mentions to a non reptile owner that they keep boa constrictors, the listener always assumes that the owner has a huge and dangerous constrictor, threatening life and limb of the family, and within a few minutes the old story of the snake lying down next to its owner to size it up is trotted out.

Of course most boas are much smaller than popular imagination would have it, and some not much bigger than grass snakes or small adders.

We have a number of small constrictors in our collection, of which perhaps the tropidophis melanurus, or Cuban giant dwarf boa, is the smallest, reaching less than 3 foot in length.


These are a difficult snakes to get feeding when juvenile but are rewarding to keep.

We also have Chilabothrus Fordii, or Haitian Ground Boa. These achieve about 3 foot in adulthood. These are a very slender snake, and again difficult to get started on frozen food.


For sale : September 2015

We currently have for sale the following

CB2015   0.0.8 Caulker Cay

0.04 Hog Island

0.08 Spotted Pythons

1.0   Hypo Motley

1.0    Common

CB2014   3.3 Ecuador BCI

1.1 Normal Sand Boa

2.0 Common

CB2013   1.0 Bolivian Amarali (can be paired with a CB2015 BCA, unrelated)

1.0 Common

1.0 Tarahumara Mountain Boa

CB2012   1.0  100% het sharp, 66% het Khal

1.0 Jungle Carpet Python

We will be at Hamm in September, and may be able to get a delivery to Doncaster. Otherwise collection/courier from East London

Email for  pictures and prices in £ or €, discounts available for multiples.

Guyana BCC

Our pair of Guyana BCC, bred by Wolfgang Buchhorn, are growing well. The female, as expected, is much larger than the male and is beginning to turn brown. The male still has quite a grey look to him.

guyf guym

La Bahia Tiger

Perhaps the most well known boa from Honduras is the Hog Island, which, unsurprisingly comes from the Islands off Honduras. There are also mainland Honduran Boas, and also from nearby Islands, the Roatan Firebelly and the La Bahia.

We are lucky enough to have a female La Bahia Tiger

la bahia

Bolivian Amarali

We have recently increased our stock of Bolivian Amarali through the acquisition of a pair of 2007 Bolivians from Karsten Kamke, and two female 2015 from Mark King, pictures below

Our collection of Amarali now includes the 2007 pair, our pair from 2012, the male from Bob Clark and the female from Legacy, and our 2013/2015 pair.

am1 am2 amar1 amar2 amar3