For sale : September 2015

We currently have for sale the following

CB2015   0.0.8 Caulker Cay

0.04 Hog Island

0.08 Spotted Pythons

1.0   Hypo Motley

1.0    Common

CB2014   3.3 Ecuador BCI

1.1 Normal Sand Boa

2.0 Common

CB2013   1.0 Bolivian Amarali (can be paired with a CB2015 BCA, unrelated)

1.0 Common

1.0 Tarahumara Mountain Boa

CB2012   1.0  100% het sharp, 66% het Khal

1.0 Jungle Carpet Python

We will be at Hamm in September, and may be able to get a delivery to Doncaster. Otherwise collection/courier from East London

Email for  pictures and prices in £ or €, discounts available for multiples.

Bolivian Amarali

We have recently increased our stock of Bolivian Amarali through the acquisition of a pair of 2007 Bolivians from Karsten Kamke, and two female 2015 from Mark King, pictures below

Our collection of Amarali now includes the 2007 pair, our pair from 2012, the male from Bob Clark and the female from Legacy, and our 2013/2015 pair.

am1 am2 amar1 amar2 amar3

Hamm Pick ups

We had a very enjoyable trip to Hamm this weekend. Our pickups included Epicrates Fordii, Anthill Pythons, Sanzinia, Amarali, La Bahia Tiger, T + Sunglow, Emerald Tree Boas, Hypo Panamas, and some Aspera.

Full pictures to follow, but here are a few to be getting on with

Back from Hamm

We had a very successful day at Hamm with several new  species added to our collection and a little depth added to our existing species. We managed to deal with our sales fairly quickly, and then picked up our Candoia Paulsoni. These are so small, as thin as bootlaces.  It will no doubt be a challenge to get their feeding response established, but one to which we are looking forward. We picked up some Guyana BCC from Boidenzucht, with beautiful colours and striking patterns. We added to our collection of BCC with a trio of Trinidads. We have been looking for some of these for some time, and so are very pleased to have obtained some. They are a little smaller than we expected, but hopefully will start to put on some size soon. We are very pleased with the Bolivian BCA. These are CB2013, bred from stock from Reinhold Maugg, and are absolutely outstanding. We have added to our Longicauda by purchasing a female, from Sibilar and a male, bred from Maugg stock. We hope to be able to start breeding from this year. On the BCI front, we acquired a pair of Costa Rican Boas, and a pair of Crawl Cays. The Cays are from the Frank Schafer line, small with very strong patterning. So all in all, a very satisfying trip!

Hamm : March 2015

Just finalising our plans for this March’s show at Hamm.

We are travelling over to Arnhem on Friday to pick up some Tarahumaras and deliver a pair of Cancuns.

On Saturday we will be selling a pair of Ecuador BCI, a Hypo Jungle, a Hypo Motley and a Hypo Jungle Motley.

And collecting some Trinidad BCC, Crawl Cay, Costa Ricans, Longicauda and some Paulsoni. Really looking forward to this trip

Hamm, March 2015

We have almost finalised our plans for the March show in Hamm.

Hopefully we will be selling a pair of Ecuadorians, a pair of Sandboas and five commons.

And bringing back a trio of Trinidad BCCs, pairs of Crawl Cays and Costa Ricans and a few other bits and pieces.