For sale : September 2015

We currently have for sale the following

CB2015   0.0.8 Caulker Cay

0.04 Hog Island

0.08 Spotted Pythons

1.0   Hypo Motley

1.0    Common

CB2014   3.3 Ecuador BCI

1.1 Normal Sand Boa

2.0 Common

CB2013   1.0 Bolivian Amarali (can be paired with a CB2015 BCA, unrelated)

1.0 Common

1.0 Tarahumara Mountain Boa

CB2012   1.0  100% het sharp, 66% het Khal

1.0 Jungle Carpet Python

We will be at Hamm in September, and may be able to get a delivery to Doncaster. Otherwise collection/courier from East London

Email for  pictures and prices in £ or €, discounts available for multiples.

Caulker Cay

Picture of two of my Caulker Cay Boas. The first is a 2009 originally bred by Vin Russo and imported via Houten. he had a few owners before landing up in my collection.

The second is a 2013 female from Legacy Reptiles, from the Gus Rentfo/Chris Mcquade bloodline.

caulker caulker1

I also have another 2013 Legacy male, sibling to the one pictured above, and a 2005 female, originally bred by Gus Rentfro.