Boa Constrictor Longicauda

Longicauda come from Peru, and are also known as Long Tailed, or Tumbes Boas.

Baby, or neonates, will start a fairly unremarkable brown and tan colour, but begin to develop intense black colours.

We currently have 2 pairs and an older female. The first pair were obtained from Adam Harris. These are a 2012 pair, both of whom are now turning blacker and blacker with every shed.

We also have a 2010 female, a really chunky girl, which we acquired from Hamm in March 2015.


Our third pair were obtained from Rob McKevitt in  April 2015. These are 66%het for Zero, a trait established by Hermann Stoekl.  Even though they are not visual, they are still stunning examples and we have high hopes for them in the future.

zero1 zero2 longi3 longesm