Boa Constrictor Constrictor

We currently have seven localities of BCC, and are keen to expand our collection.


Our 2013 pair of Ecuador BCC were originally bred by Fritz Mullender who collected some from Lago Agrio in North East Ecuador, and first successfully bred them in 2007. We obtained our pair from the Hamm show in September 2013 and are carefully watching for the development of their colour into a pale golden colour.


We have three unrelated Surinam. Our 2013 female is an import from Reinhold Maugg. We have a 2014 male from Morelia World. These were both obtained from Hamm in September 2014

suri surinamThe male has lovely connected saddles, while the female features widows peaks.

We then obtained another female at the December Hamm show from William Passera

suri surib


We obtained a pair of 2013 Guyana BCC from Wolfgang Buchhorn in March 2015.. They have good clean patterns and we are looking forward to seeing how they develop,

guy1 guyana

We have recently acquired two additional CB15, one from Dario Tamarindi and one from Legacy Reptiles.



We obtained our pair of Venezuelan BCC from Legacy Reptiles in early 2014. These are a 2013 pair, originally from the Apure region. There were about three pairs imported into the UK at the time.

They are a stunning boa, a cream base with dark brown saddles


We were offered the opportunity to acquire another pair,  CB15 offspring from boas collected from the South and West of Caracas. How could we resist?




We have 1.2 Trinidad Boas, CB2012, acquired from Sibilar at the Hamm show in March 2015.These are still quite small, and need a little TLC to bring them up to a size comparable with our other BCC

trin1 trin3 trini trinidad

Brazilian Belem

We acquired our male Belem in 2015.  He was bred in 2013 by Legacy Reptiles and was imported into the UK towards the end of that year. He was a little small when we acquired him, but is steadily improving.

North Brazil

We have a stunning pair of North Brazils. The male is bred by Sebastian Holch and the female by Stefan Geigl

We also have a CB15 pair from Legacy Reptiles. The mother of these is the offspring of wild caught parents and the father is a Hammond line. We can’t wait to see how these develop!

North Brazilnb1



Our first Brazil was our female 2014, Brazil, bred by Martin Polaschek

belem belem1

We then obtained another pair, a CB15 from Legacy. These are Lemke line, and are often called the White Brazilians because of their pale base colour.

Brzilian BCC

Peruvian Iquitos

We currently own one Iquitos, a female, obtained from Ricky Ham, and imported from Legacy Reptiles in 2014.  We are keeping tabs on a gravid female in Sweden and hoping she will produce a male for us.


Peruvian Pucullpa

We have a pair of CB15 bred by Markus Kel from Rio Bravo stock.

puc pucullpa