Boa Constrictor Amarali

Boa Constrictor Amarali, the short tailed Boa, are found in Bolivia and South Brazil. We are currently working with several lines of Bolivian, and have one pair of South Brazilian and one pair from Sao Paolo

We obtained our first pair of Bolivians, (CB 2012)  in late 2013, The female was obtained from Legacy Reptiles . The mother of the female  is particularly striking, and it looks as if her daughter has inherited her good looks.

The male was obtained from Bob Clark and has a wonderful pink flushing in the face and in the flanks.

We acquired a few stunning 2014 males from Michael Teekens, and are looking forward to working with some of them in the future.


We purchased two 2015 females from Mark King, from his enormous litter of 68 possibly to pair with the two males.



We also obtained from Karsten Kamke his 2007 adult pair

amar3Bolivian Amarali are reasonably well established in the hobby with a number of UK breeders now producing. Brazilian are much rarer.

We currently have one CB14 Sao Paolo female, originally imported from Legacy Reptiles, and a further pair of their 2015 litter



We also have a pair of 2015 South Brazilian bred by Jack and Tony Wilson, another son and father team.